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As a Student Practitioner who is currently pursuing licensure, Dr. Nicholson cannot take insurance at this time.  However, he does offer affordable out of pocket prices that are very competitive.

Free Initial Consultation

All new clients receive one free first session with Dr. Nicholson.  This free initial consultation is an opportunity for you to share what brings you to therapy and an opportunity for both parties to decide together if Dr. Nicholson is the right person to help.  There is no obligation to continue treatment beyond the free initial consultation, and you decide if you'd like to come back for paid visits.

Standard Rate Counseling Sessions:  $40/hour

Dr. Nicholson's standard rate for counseling sessions is $40/hour.  This rate applies to people who schedule less than three visits in a month's time.

Reduced Rate for Weekly Therapy:  $100 buys Up to 4 hours of Therapy

For those in need of ongoing therapy, Dr. Nicholson offers a reduced rate of $100 for up to 4 hours of therapy in a four week period.  If you choose this option, you will be billed $100 up front, and you'll be scheduled for four one-hour sessions in four consecutive weeks.  If you come to each of the four sessions, this means your overall rate will be reduced to $25/hour.

Not sure if you'll come to four sessions in a row?  Dr. Nicholson works to make sure that no one pays more than $100 in a four week timeframe.  If you schedule a session at a time, you'll be charged $40 for your first two sessions, then $20 for your third session within four weeks.  After that, you'll have a free session on your fourth week, if you choose to schedule a fourth session by the end of the month.

Note that reduced rate sessions expire after four weeks, and the cycle begins anew four weeks after your first scheduled session.  This setup helps people who need ongoing therapy get access to treatment on a regular schedule, and helps Dr. Nicholson accumulate client contact hours so that he can eventually apply for LCPT licensure.

Additional Sessions Beyond 4 in a month

In the rare situation that a client may need to be seen for more than four sessions in a month's time, such as crisis situations where the client would like to be seen multiple days in a single week, those sessions are billed at a reduced rate of $25/hour.

Let's Work Together

The best way to find out if you're a good fit for any professional counselor is to schedule an appointment and find out if you like the person.  All of Dr. Nicholson's new clients receive a free initial consultation session.  Schedule your free first session today so the two of you can work together to find out if Dr. Nicholson is the right person to help you face the issues that bring you to talk therapy.

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