Dr. Casey Nicholson's

Spiritual Care and Counseling Service 


Offering Online Counseling for Northeast Tennessee and Beyond 

Dr. Casey Nicholson is an ordained minister and pastoral counselor based in Greeneville, Tennessee who offers spiritual counseling to people living throughout northeast Tennessee and beyond.  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Nicholson has now made the decision to take his practice to a fully online model.  Because of this, Dr. Nicholson is now able to meet with patients from across the state of Tennessee via a virtual format.  



Specializing in Talk Therapy Treatment for a Wide Variety of Issues

Psychological Disorders

Dr. Nicholson is trained in working with those affected by common psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, addiction issues, etc.

Anger Management

Those who struggle with angry outbursts and a history of violence are good candidates for anger management counseling.


We all face struggles with loved ones from time to time.  Whether you're going through a divorce or breakup, a problem with a family member like a parent, child, or sibling, or a situation with a coworker, Dr. Nicholson can help.

Couples Therapy

In addition to individual therapy,

Dr. Nicholson also works with couples who are seeking to save their marriage or better their relationship.


When we witness or experience a traumatic event it greatly affects us. Dr. Nicholson works with people who have experienced a wide array of traumatic events.


Losing someone close to us is always hard.  Dr. Nicholson works with people who are dealing with grief and loss.


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